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Im Shatten der Sonne


Dags: Fimmtudagur 4. júlí 2019

First international screening of the feature film "Facing the Sun" at Edinborgarhúsið in Isafjörður

The 92-minute feature film by young German director Britt Abrecht has already had around 30 screenings and, with an award at the Berlin Independent Film Festival in February 2019, has now arrived in the international competition. For the first time her debut film will be shown abroad, in her second homeland Iceland. Britt Abrecht has been coming to Iceland with her family since her early childhood and spent her summer holidays since 2000 in her summer house in Hnífsdalur.

Within only three months from the idea to the filming, the students Britt Abrecht and Hannah Jasna Hess completed a whole feature film project with a small team in summer 2017. The inspiration for the story was wheelchair user Joschka Kientsch, who realized his dream of acting and now pursues his profession in Munich. The lifelike and bright film about sudden changes and how a person can grow with them tells the story of the young dancer Sophie (Hannah Jasna Hess), who has to realign her life after a serious car accident that ends in a wheelchair for her and questions all her previous dreams and goals. The sudden change forces her to deal with previously unfamiliar feelings and everyday situations become insurmountable obstacles. A long journey of self-discovery begins; only when she meets Tom (Joschka Kientsch) and his friend Emil (Danijel Marsanic) in physiotherapy she realizes what 'life' really means and how beautiful the stones can be that life supposedly puts in your way.

With unconcerned freshness, fine humour and a good portion of irony, the young filmmakers take on a very serious topic and implement it in a touching, exciting way. The independent film was positively acclaimed by the general public for its cinematic realization and emotional narrative style. After the screening, Britt Abrecht will be available for questions. Admission is free. Further information on the film can be found at:

DE 2018 | Director: Britt Abrecht | Camera: Quirin Thalhammer | With: Hannah J. Hess, Ruben Dietze, Danijel Marsanic | 92 minutes

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