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Trío Richard Andersen


Dags: Fimmtudagur 2. maí 2019

Tími: 20:00

Verð: 3000.- og 2500.- eldri borgarar og nemar

Trio Richard Anderson mun spila í Edinborgarhúsinu 2. maí kl. 20:00


During the Reykjavik Jazzfestival 2018 Richard

Andersson NOR premiered their second

album-release entitled ”The six of us”.

In May the Danish-Icelandic jazz trio will be

back in Iceland performing three concerts in

Reykjavik, Isafjordur and Siglufjordur. 

Richard Andersson, double bass
Oskar Gudjonsson, tenor Saxophone
Matthias Hemstock, drums


Richard Andersson NOR is a strong symbiosis between two cultures within a modern American jazz idiom, The trio plays the music of Andersson which is characterized by its clarity and simplicity. Yet the trio executes the music in a manner that is both complex and even avantgardistic at times. The goal for these three musicians is to bring forward music that is melodic and poetic in its foundation but holds the opportunity to seek more odd corners of their individual musicality.


"...through the mist you will notice the lurking volcanoes occasionally erupting..." (Kjeld FrandsenBerlingske Tidende

“Our newest album, “The six of us”, is a tribute to family life”, Richard Andersson says, “All three of us are devoted family fathers and I recently became a father for the fourth time turning my family into a family of six”.

The pieces Andersson wrote for this album are all dedicated to life with his family. At the same time Andersson emphasizes the fact that the trio itself also has grown to become a powerful unit somewhat similar to the one you find in a family. “Not only have Matti, Oskar and I established a unique musical relationship over the years, we have also built a strong friendship that I really appreciate. I feel, that all three of us really bring both our musical and our personal relationship into play when we enter the music. In that sense it’s not the three of us on stage, but the six of us.... “

”The trio does sound as a tight unit, with a strong, emphatic interplay, as of a close family but of the Scandinavian kind, well-behaved, quiet and gentle.” (Eyal Hareuveni/Salt Peanuts)









May 2nd, Edinborgarhúsið, Isafjordur

May 3rd, Althudurhusid, Siglufjordur

May 4th, Mengi, Reykjavik

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